Events and Activities

We request that each family volunteer for one regular school event and one Breakfast with Santa role (school fundraiser & community event). 

Contact Antonia Yerby at to volunteer for a school event and for a Breakfast with Santa event. 

Back to School Bash, Rebecca and Mark Danzenbaker

This is a new event for 2019-2020. Ideas might include arranging for a food truck, Silent Auction for the two front parking spots, ice cream social, etc. 

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 4-6 hours (estimate)

Additional volunteers needed: 6-8

Location: home (planning) & school (event)



Fundraiser which helps provide books for the classrooms. Contact the vendor to coordinate the dates and delivery of products and help coordinate visit times for each class. A few additional volunteers are needed to set up, cashier, and help children select books to purchase. 

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 

Additional volunteers needed: 2 for each day of the event

Location: home (planning) and school (event) 


Breakfast with Santa & Silent Auction, Sarah St. Andre

Primary fundraiser of the year held on the first Saturday of December and requires coordination of multiple groups of volunteers.

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 4 months

Additional volunteers needed: 2-3 Leadership Team members to meet regularly (over 3-4 months), approximately 12 Leads responsible for all main areas of the event (periodic meetings + set up day (6 hours) + event day (6 hours), approx 30 volunteers for set up day (6 hours), & approx 45 volunteers on event day to run the event (6 hours).

Location: home & school (event set up and event day)


After School Clubs, Jacqueline Farrell

This person helps after school clubs determine schedule, permission slips/paperwork, provide guidance in collecting fees, and is the primary liaison between the clubs and the PTO. 

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 6-8 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 0

Location: home


Leo Night Fair, LEAD(S) NEEDED

This end of year party helps bring a close to the school year. This typically includes arranging for some food and some decorations (look what is in storage) as well as organizing a cake auction, cupcake walk for the students, and some family games for the end of the evening (tug of war, kickball, etc.). 

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 6-8 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 6-8

Location: home (planning) & school (event)


Environmental Education Committee, Loree Posey 

Foxes Garden & Outdoor Education Improvements

Estimated time commitment for Lead: varies

Additional volunteers needed: 2-4

Location: school


Field Day Liaison, LEAD NEEDED

If needed, assist the PE teacher recruiting volunteers and getting donations.

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 2-3 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 0

Location: home & school


Fifth Grade Graduation (4th Grade Parent), LEAD(S) NEEDED

Plan the 5th grade graduation program in conjunction with teachers and administration including decorations, programs, and refreshments. Responsible for the collection of student photos and coordinate/compile the pictures into a video shown during the graduation.

Estimated time commitment for Lead: ??

Additional volunteers needed: 3-4

Location: home (planning) & school (graduation day)


Front Flower Pots, Christine Fouad

Purchase/Donate and plant the flowers in the front pots at the end of July before school starts and in the spring, water plants as needed, and clean out the pots of dead plants.

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 1-2 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 0

Location: school


Lunch Orders/Deliveries, Antonia Yerby

Contact lunch vendors prior to each quarter to determine lunch options, days; develop forms to send home with students, post online, email; and collect/organize funds, pay vendors depending on agreed terms. Maintain spreadsheets and documentation of orders, payments. Assist with distribution of lunch depending on vendor requirements.

Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours per week

Additional volunteers needed: 1, 1-2 hours per week (mostly during Wednesday lunch hour)

Location: home & school


Nomination Committee, Aimee Popp

Coordinate the PTO nomination and election process, typically held once per year in the spring. 

Estimated time commitment: 2 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 1-2

Location: home


Pool Party, Jen Steverson

Organize the annual end of year pool party at Middleburg Community pool. Complete contract with Middleburg Community Center in the Fall to secure date of party in the spring. Students must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Update and pass out the field trip form approx. 2 weeks prior to event. Coordinate snacks and beverages for event if desired & remind parents and students to clean up all of their gear and trash upon exit of the pool deck. 

Estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours 

Additional volunteers needed: 6-8 (to help walk students to the pool and help with activities if students are swimming in shifts)

Location: home


Room Parents, Various Volunteers for Each Grade

Organize class parties (Winter & End of Year), coordinate staff breakfast, assist in collection of items for Breakfast with Santa class donations, and purchase teacher/aide birthday gifts.

Estimated time commitment: 12 hours

Additional volunteers needed: At your discretion for parties. Parents are always welcome to attend and help during these events.

Location: home (planning & emails) & school (parties & staff breakfast set up)


School Beautification & Grounds, Mary Martha Aubry

Ensure that the school grounds (flower beds and surrounding areas) are well maintained. If funds are available, overseeding of the main field in the fall. Main garden cleanup occurs before school starts (late July) and before Breakfast with Santa (mid-November) as well as Spring mulching/weeding if needed. This role does not include mowing.

Estimated time commitment: estimate 3 Saturdays (or other day of your choice)

Additional volunteers needed: At your discretion; recruit a team to clean up in November (10+).

Location: school


School Supplies, Chia Richardson

Market, order, and distribute school supplies using predetermined vendor. Help coordinate & update supply lists from the teachers, organize order forms from the vendor, and distribute the supplies delivered to the school in the fall. 

Estimated time commitment: approx 6 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 1-2, or at your discretion if needed for distribution, organizing, & shopping.

Location: home & school (distribution at delivery)


Spirit Nights, LEAD NEEDED

Coordinate two spirit nights per year (Q1 & Q3) at an eastern and western location (two  locations, one night for each event) as well as advertise (make flyers, Facebook posts, etc.). Suggested locations include Chick-fil-A, Mod Pizza, Moe’s, etc.

Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 0-1

Location: home


Spirit Wear, LEAD NEEDED

Research to find the best vendor and and coordinate the best options for spirit wear. Responsible for ordering, tracking, delivery, etc.

Estimated time commitment: 8 hours (more at the beginning of the school year)

Additional volunteers needed:0

Location: home


Spring Social: BINGO Night, Erin Mastrangelo

Order supplies as needed, decorations, and coordinate food. Responsible to find volunteers to distribute BINGO supplies, food, and call games. Typically the Middleburg Police as well as our staff attend and call. 

Estimated time commitment for Lead: approx. 6 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 5-7

Location: home (planning) & school (event)


Teacher Appreciation Week, LEAD NEEDED

Coordinate with Room Parents to provide staff lunch throughout the week, determine gifts for teachers and staff, purchase snacks & drinks to replenish the lounge, and other ways to encourage the staff.

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 6 hours

Additional volunteers needed: 0

Location: home (planning) & school (event)


Yearbook, Jessica Sypolt & Shannon dePrado

Coordinate layout using a computer program, request photos from parents and teachers, market the yearbook, and coordinate the delivery of the yearbooks in the spring.

Estimated time commitment for Lead: 2-3 hours monthly in the late fall/winter, 2-3 hours weekly Feb-April

Additional volunteers needed: 2+ people in charge of gathering, sorting, uploading photos, 2+ people in charge of layout/editing. 1 person to manage timeline, coordinate with photography studio, school/staff and coordinate distribution. 

Location: home

Room Parent Information

As a room parent  you will find the links below to be a huge help. If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to reach out to the PTO Board at anytime.

Teacher's Favorite Things Questionnaire